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Thread: Has anyone ever done this?

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    Default Has anyone ever done this?

    order 2 free samples of Tranquility ATN from here?

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    It says free, no charge, so i was wondering if anyone had done this before.

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    Don't order anything from places like that all you will wind up with, besides 1 lousy diaper is a inbox full of spam.

    It's not worth the agrivation...If you want sampels most better diaper companys sell singels for you to try they aren't too much money, and you will get a quality diaper.

    I have seen places like this, and have ordered stuff but have changed isp's since.

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    www dot comfortplusonline dot com
    this is a local place by me and if you call them you dont even have to pay for shipping for a sample of the atns. Really nice people i just went there yesterday to pick some up!

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    I've never heard of that site...You shouldn't trust a site hosted by Yahoo...That doesn't have any information on it with just spots for you to fill in personal info...

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    ^ha funny story! I bought 500 dollar skis from a sight like that with a yahoo email and a sprint cell phone number. I felt so stupid! They never came... So I called paypall and got my money back. Then I bought them from a namebrand store.

    Back on topic:
    don't go to websites you don't know, people on the other side "just want to get in your tutu" -Kelly's mom

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