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Thread: Howdy from TN!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Howdy from TN!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, my name's David and I am born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Any wrestlers on here? Cause im training for a D-1 NCAA School and always like to talk to other wrestlers. GO MOCS!!!!!!!!! Thats University Of Tennesee Chattanooga for those that dont know.

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    so you go to the school known for Terrell Owens-sorry im a football not a wrestler but big football guy...Anyway, welcome to Adisc, i hope u enjoy this site, i try to be friends with people and you will find this site to be relaxed and chilled...hope u like it...maybe we can becpme friends...enjoy

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC!

    Your intro was really good, you didn't meantion diapers once, which suggests to me a good well rounded person On the other hand, you also didn't tell us anything about yourself apart from that you like wrestling! And I don't like wrestling

    What sort of other stuff are you into?

    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Whenever I used to hear the word Preatorian I used to think of the Romans. Now, ever since I played Mass Effect I can only think of this:

    What's your favorite thing about Tennessee?

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    Not a wrestler, but I do enjoy watching wrestling (ex/WWE). Though I know that's completely different, and all.

    ...anyway HI!!!

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    Hi there David!

    That's a pretty interesting username you've got there. I don't know a thing about wrestling but I'm going to guess it is something to do with it? Who knows maybe you'll tell us

    What sort of other things are you into?

    Welcome to ADISC

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    hello there im new here as well .. sorry but im not big on wrestling but hi anyways!

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