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    I run a website for a local ABDL meet up group. In the past few days we have gotten a lot of traffic linking in from some suspended and really creepy Deekerish sites on the same web host as us. As well as some new members that are members of these sites and are in foreign countries no where near us. My site has no pictures, videos and only a limited message board for planning meet ups. One of these sites has pics of minors.

    Should I report this site and risk having my own shut down in the process?

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    I'd talk to your rep at the hosting provider. Tell him that you're getting some weird traffic and ask how to handle it. Don't go into the specific content of your site unless you have to. However, if your site is as innocuous as you say, you should have no worries about being shut down. Alternatively, you should be able to block incoming traffic based on origin; you might see if you can just shut off traffic from those sites and outside the US through the website control panel.

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    If you know of a site that is hosting pics of minors I would strongly urge you to report it to appropriate authorities. In the US thats the FBI, not sure who that would be in Canada. From there start looking at potentially switching hosts if your concerned about your site being taken down. Its a bit of an inconvenience, but would be worth it just for the peace of mind.

    Best of luck and I wish you and your site well!

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    Ohhh! I love this! I have a DL site I run....But we like banning repeat offenders. if you have their IP, just do a deny from IP in your htaccess file if your server is running unix.

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    I think I have the situation under control now. Unfortunately we on so our tools are kinda limited, I might consider investing in the stats tool that lets you track IPs now. I got the blatant pedo site shut down, the one where the pics could be legal is still up but I think it will go down when one of their admins sees that it contains nudity. And I cross checked our members until I found the one who had a profile on it. Deleted him and sent an explanation. Hopefully in a few days I will be able to just let people join without interrogating them by email.

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    i tried starting a group on yahoo, years ago, and i was fairly strict about who and what was allowed. after a while, in the same week two fairly definite paedoes showed their faces and i banned them immediately. one or both reported me to yahoo who threatened to shut down the group. like, wtf?
    i shut the group myself; no point in fighting a losing battle.

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    I recall seeing people in our community complaining over the years of periodic Yahoo purges. No idea if it still occurs but I have no reason to think it doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    So yahoo would be a bad place to take the group if we lose the page?
    possibly, as trevor indicated. but it's not the only place like that; and becoming more of an issue as the independents are whittled away by buy-outs and stuff and they become subject to the TOS's of the new parent company. i see a lot of inconsistancy in the claimed violations of TOS at loads of sites: one picture from a sequence can be removed for violating TOS and yet, the rest of the sequence will still be there - and i'm talking about normal, family pictures. it seems that any moron can make an unqualified complaint and it's immediately acted upon without any consideration of the nature and contexts of whatever is at hand and the context they're in.

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