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Thread: Sick at home in diapers

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    Default Sick at home in diapers

    I know there's a few threads out the bout this but figured id start my own.

    Well I woke up this morning and bam I'm sick not just a little I'm like more sick then I've been in idk 4 years or so and I'm just like dang I gotta go to work tonight ( I work third shift 10 hour nights ). Just my luck to get sick right after my weekend is over. So I'm debating on calling off or not. ( my job is percentage based so that means if I do anything less then 100% I get a nice meeting of so why did you drop so much? ) and I don't want that but at the same time I hate calling off. But then out of the blue "knock knock" on the door. I get up groggly walk to the door and there's a fed ex guy standing there he's like (Delivery!) I'm thinking what's this I don't remmember ordering anything but I sign and take it ( its in my name ) and low and behold its my ABU Cushies I ordered like 2 weeks ago and forgot about I'm like sweet and well here I am and I'm staying home tonight and going to rest up and try out the cushies.

    Kinda like a sign hahaha
    Well I'm off to bed you all have a nice night. I just had to let everyone know how diapers can change the way your looking at things.

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    awesome thing to happen when you're down, hope it at least makes your day "break even"!

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    One of my favourite times to laze around in diapers is when I'm sick. I hope you feel better.

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    Feel better soon! Enjoy the padding too. I know I become the biggest baby (as if I'm not already) when I'm sick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddie212 View Post
    Feel better soon! Enjoy the padding too. I know I become the biggest baby (as if I'm not already) when I'm sick!
    I totally know that feeling

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    Hmmm perhaps this is coincidental? I rarely am sick but if I am the first thing I do is get the nappies out. I then sit around the house all day and use them as and when I feel, why I feel better when all wrapped up I just do not know, my ex used to suggest putting on a nappy and plastic if I felt under the weather, she said if it is something that gets the healthy hormones flowing it is what I should do and she is a nurse so she should know! Of course I did as I was told right?

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    That does sound like a ton of fun...I'm almost looking forward to getting alil sick and stay home from work to be in bed in diapers for a few days :P

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    The way you talk about your job makes me second guess how much trouble are you already in with work. Just how much lead way do you have exactly?

    Personally what I find works best is to go to work regardless and have them see from themselves that you're in no condition to be there. It looks better for you in the long run than a simple phone call claiming your sick. Unless you plan to have a doctors note I wouldn't risk it in the way your already planning to. Plus when you do get home it will make that surprise delivery seem more deserving than you possible can even think of.

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