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Thread: Hello! Pleased to meet Everyone!

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    Talking Hello! Pleased to meet Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I'm new, obviously, I'd love to get to know anyone who's willing to be friends with me. I have other profiles on different forums such as ( and [removing adult link] my username for Diaperedanime is Sagedrone182 and by Diaper Space is Baby_Sage. please feel free to visit any of those or if you'd like please E-mail me! at [Removing email address Thank you all so much! i'm very excited to be here!

    Mod note: please don't post email addresses or links to 18+ sites.
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    Welcome welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. This is such a great site to learn more about *Bs and DLs.

    How is your day going?

    I am also a new member of Diaperspace, I think under this same name. My page has nothing on it though.

    I am into chatting and stuff but I like to know what you are about before I just start chatting. I notice on diaperspace that they just start chatting without knowing anything about the other person.

    So you could give us a little more detail about who you are in your introduction.
    What is it that you like to do? What do you like to do when you are not on the baby, diaper front? What are your hobbies? What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite TV show?

    If ya need any help be sure to ask, there are plenty of people around here who can help ya out!

    Have a great and wonderful day and it is nice to meet ya!

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    Hey there Sage, welcome to ADISC!

    We're a little bit different from most other diaper sites, like Diaper Space, in that we talk about tons of stuff outside of our DL/ABism! We're all about the community as well, which means we want to get to know each other really well

    This is your chance to impress us, so please tell us a little bit more about yourself

    Also,we don't really approve of people posting their email address or usernames for other sites in their introductions, I mean at the moment we don't have a clue who you are, right?

    Here is a cheat sheet to making an awesome introduction, which you can use if you're struggling, but read these other links first to see if you can come up with more to write on your own:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    Welcome again, and looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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    Soooo sorry about that. I guess I missed those things I didn't think Diapers space was that bad. But I know now not to post email '^-^

    Well I'm Sage! (my name is actually charlie) but I like Sage its cool! Anywho I'm 18. I'm very artistic in both drawling and singing!♪ I'm not a good dancer though, Ironically. XD hopefully I find a job soon so I can afford to get things done, but on the other side, I'm very optimistic I love to be with people who understand me, which is here! XD, I'm a nintendo baby through and through...although playstation isn't bad either! I was a bedwetter until 13 and I practically went from diapers to pull-ups to Goodnights and so-on and so-forth, My measurements are 6'1" and 165lb. I'd love to just grow my hair long and dye it something cool like a midnight blue! I'd love to find a sweet and kind babygirl to cuddle. I <3 cuddling. I've been looking for that kinda girl for awhile but with no luck :/ but i'll find her one day! I'm sorta a crybaby, anything that upsets me usually ends up to me crying, so it's easy to tell when something bothers me. I'm terrified of thunder storms and loud sounds, which explains thunder storms. i'm very voice talented so i can sound younger than I really am. Oh! get this! I'm a big fan of Pokemon, and any anime for that matter, I play the card game regularly. I'm also an Offical Pokemon Professor. Currently attending Battle Roads in Florida and waiting for the City Tournament!

    Well that's most of me I can think of. I think all I didn't mention was that I love dispoables, Prefeablly Cushies, and i'm a small in disposables. Please message me if you wanna go in depth about anything at all!

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    Hey, great intro Welcome to the forums Don't worry about it, everyone makes mistakes and it's daunting coming in somewhere for the first time where everyone already knows each other and being expected to write an essay about yourself We understand... but we still expect people to perform *grins like a shark*

    I'm not that much into pokemon, but my boyfriend has a Tails cuddly which I like to snuggle up with in bed

    I'm going to start using that line: "I'm very voice talented" when people assume I'm really young! Which seems to happen annoyingly often!

    Welcome to ADISC

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    Hey thanks! =) I'm glad there's more interaction here. other sites are more just "Hi, Bye" type things.

    Thats cute your BF must be really sweet. my ex gave me her old baby blanket before she moved away. we stay in contact but it's always nice to have a nice blanket to stay warm.

    Haha Thank you bad grammer! I couldn't find anyway else to explain: Great control over pitch and sound of your voice. XD

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    Sage; you can judge for yourself, he's a moderator on the site, so I have to behave! He's called Charlie F on here, go stalk him and annoy him But obviously I never told you to

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    oh no! I couldn't do that I don't want anyone mad at me! =( I'm glad you talk to me though!

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