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Thread: So apprently Wiki update their AB and DL pages...

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    Default So apprently Wiki update their AB and DL pages...

    I remembered how little much info they had and what not. Now it's a pretty lengthily article and well is a great way to show someone what infantilism is you you want to go with the whole "formal wiki rule"

    Here's the link to the AB one you can find the DL one right there also.
    Paraphilic infantilism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm just glad it's all portrayed in good light and almost all of the info if not all of it is accurate.

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    The Diaper Fetishism/Diaper Lover page is nearly identical (linked from the Infantilism page), and has equally good information.

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    Wow, that actually is a really well done, informative page...

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    Interesting....the wikipedia article was the first thing I found related to infantilism back in 2006...

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    Wow good info... If i ever tell my mom one day i can show here that page

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    It is actually not a very good article, because it needs many reliable sorces/citations, have a bunch of issues as seen at the top, and generally lacks almost all the psychological aspects of it. Many parts are just not true, and the whole article slants in favor of a ab/dl, and trys to put ab/dl in a good light. (a wikipedia article shouldnt be biased in any way)
    We might read it and like what it says, and think it is a good article, but really I think it is a horrible wikipedia article that needs scraped and started over, or at least reworked

    The article should follow the format of these two,
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    I agree with racer. While the info is positive, it needs verification. If I were just being introduced to this, by say, a partner who was AB/DL, and I saw how unprofessional the article is, I would be suspicious. But I am always suspicious of Wikipedia in the first place. *shrug*

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    I will say that Wikipedia is partially the reason that I really discovered what my urges were. Was really the only thing I knew on the internet besides games and google at age like 11.

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