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Thread: Might be logging off

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    Default Might be logging off

    I'm having slight problems with my network and internet at the moment. So what I'm about to do is turn off the net for a couple of days, run huge scan on all the PCs I have (re-install and build a server (to back up stuff) if required) and hopefully be back on.

    Due me working at night may take a little longer than a few hours.

    So for now. Cya.

    P.S: Please don't miss me too much.

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    kk, hope everything turns out well for you and that this goes by quick.....

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    See ya soon ^_^

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    Pheeww....*wipes sweat off forehead* And I was thinking you were going to leave the community for good!

    Good luck on fixing your internet problem. If anything fails, you can still leech off your neighbors' unprotected wireless network.


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    Wishing you the best of luck in returning fast and safely, Mickal! Use your few days "off" to relax and enjoy yourself!

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    Enjoy! (no I didn't steal the idea from Charlie, he's psychic and stole it from me before I could post it)

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    Ok. I think it's all good.

    I think all it need was a bit of a clean up of ad-wares and stuff.
    Haven't had any trouble......... Yet.

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    So, when are you going and are we going to be free of you for a while so we can relax?

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