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Thread: Serj Tankian's "Imperfect Harmonies"

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    So yeah, dude put out a new album recently called Imperfect Harmonies. Saw him in concert a couple years back at Monsters of Rock, and I wasn't super into his stuff or much of anything from Elect the Dead (his solo debut). I'm not a huge SOAD fan, but I like some their stuff, the Middle-Eastern vibe and unique sounding vocals and harmonies and all that junk, and I just thought that Serj's solo material and the Scars on Broadway stuff was no where near that level. But this new album is pretty rad. I checked it out on UG like two weeks ago and picked up the CD earlier this week. It's got a cool sound it that stands out from most of the other rockish music coming out these days. Guess it's not toally a rock album... it's like his last release with a more orchestral elements (he played and recorded a live disc with this big old orchestra down under between CDs), and some serious jazz influence. There's even a bit of hip-hop thrown in to the mix. Seems like it would be a bizarre mix, but he pulls it off pretty well and it stays pretty leveled with his signature vocal work and bizarre lyrics backing it all. The eccentricites that breach various genres are grounded by that familiar System sound. Don't come in expecting something you've heard from this guy before, just check it out. I found it was a solid surprise.

    Gotta recommend this to fans of his other album cause it's close to that than SOAD stuff. Also, if you're into like the Mars Volta or something like that, this kinda has a similar vibe (although I'm not super familiar with MV's work). Otherwise, if you wanna here something a bit different but not totally out there, maybe give it a listen. Personally I dig the tracks Disowned Inc., which features some cool Oriental-styled melodies in what I think one might call the chorus; Left of Center, the album's first single and probably the hardest song on there and Yes, It's Genocide, which Serj sings in his native tongue. Cool vibes and stuff. Beatus is pretty sweet too. Hip-hop influence for sure, and whil that's totally not my cup of tea, I think this is a pretty rad sounding tune.

    So yeah, maybe check it out. If any of you loverly folks have heard this, what do ya think about it?

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    Slang? Wow, haven't seen you around these parts for quite a while. Anyhow, I haven't heard this album. I am kind of a fan of his stuff, but nowhere near as knowledgeable or as interested in him as my little brother is. Guess I just wanted to say hi mostly.

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    I totally downloaded this a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't listened to it yet. I think I'll check it out.

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