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Thread: What Scars Do you Have?

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    Default What Scars Do you Have?

    Just a random question. What scars do you have? Where are they, how did you get them? Please no inappropriate pictures.

    I have many scars.
    1 going down the right side of my face and over my right eye.
    1 in the middle of my forehead going from my hairline, to right above my left eye.
    1 on the right side of my head going into my hair.
    All of these are from a dog attack when I was nine

    I have a bite scar on my arm from another dog attack when I was 7 (i think)
    I have a few on my hands from my hobby (collecting knifes and swords and learning to use them)
    I have a few on my legs from random things
    I have a few welts (none have left scars yet) everywhere from playing airsoft
    And I think that's all of them, if I think, or find, any more I'll make another post.

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    Let's start from the head down, then. xD

    -On my bottom lip, I have four marks from when my two front teeth went through it, twice; once falling off the playground in elementary school, once colliding with someone else in a game of tag.
    -One on my right elbow from where I fell and got road rash.
    -Quite a few on my left forearm that are fading now, from when. Well. You can guess.

    I think that's about it. xD

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    I got hit by a car when I was 14 so I have a few on my arms and legs. I also used to cut myself and would set my arm on fire just for fun, so they have some interesting marks. I have a dent in my forehead where the bumper of the car put a hole in my head. The accident broke several of my fingers which I set myself while lying in the hospital bed. The doctors had bigger things to attend to like setting the broken bones in my legs and of course the severe concussion, that and keeping me alive. I've broken most of my toes, but those don't show.

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    Scar on my left knee and right elbow from a bike accident.
    i have a few others which i don't wish to share . (Edit These are NOT Self inflicted ones)
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    most of my scars are on my hands as a result of my current line of work (auto mechanic). I have on going down my leg from a scooter accident and small one on my head from playing in the bath when i was really young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akiashi View Post
    Well aren't we a bunch of well-adjusted people?
    You can say that again, but then again, I've heard a lot of people say scars are cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjaminwolf View Post
    You can say that again, but then again, I've heard a lot of people say scars are cool.
    I was talking about all the self-inflicted ones. xD

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    2 on my left foot from when I had to get reconstructive surgery when I broke it in 3 different places. That's about the only major scarring I have.

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    I have a scar under my belly button from a surgery I had as a baby, and then I have couple on my arms and back due to skin cancer.

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