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    Check it out. I just went into another local grocery store today, and saw that they have Men's Depends(pull up version ) and Nuk pacifiers. Some luck huh? Anyway, I just have a few questions before I buy them when I next get the chance.
    1. In terms of absorbency and baby likeness, how are Depends? I've heard tha they aren't the best, but are they better than Goodnites?
    2. I don't know if I'm getting the right size, nor do I know the size, but it's five bucks, so hit and miss, right? Anyway, are the Nuks good?

    Your answers will be very helpful.

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    Depends are pretty good, and Nuks are the best paci i can get. I have two of them and really like them.

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    IDK about nukes
    but depends hold great for me like 90% of the time at least
    they aren't cute or anything,that's why I want to be able to try other brands
    the only time i feel comfy/happy in them is when they are really full and I can touch them [then again i'm not really much of a TB or DL really and i've been in diapers my whole life so i can't feel the difference much]

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    I can't tell you much on he mens depend pullups, but I can tell you about NUKs. The largest size you can get in store is a NUK3. I personally would buy a MAM6+before a NUK, because they have a bigger guard, and a bigger nipple.

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    Mens Depend pull ups were my first diapers i bought. they hold up reasonably well. but its not like you can over use them and flood them multiple times and not expect a burst diaper :P i would say "yeah get these". thy are good for a first diaper, they are cheap, they aren't THAT bad, just don't over use them, especially if you're in public or at home with people around. As for baby likeness... not at all, But they do the job! and yes they are better than Goodnites.

    As for the Nuk Pacifiers, The smaller ones take a lot of effort to keep in your mouth, and can ofter hurt your teeth. This is due to the teat being quite small, and having an odd shape. You would be better off saving your money in this instance and trying to find other pacifiers with a "Cherry" teat. I recommend this as a first Paci because they are bigger and easier to suckle on and thus don't hurt your teeth ;3

    Good Luck

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    depends are an OK diaper, if possible get the fitted max protection ones, and yes they are better then good nights the pull up version of the depends is OK and a lot more discrete just don't flood them. as far as a nuk goes depending on where you are most stores just carry the very small ones meant for babies, if you have the money a nuk 5 is the biggest one that they make and works well for me. anything too small as stated above will hurt you're teeth as the nipple is too small however for your age a nuk 3 might work and are much cheaper to get then the 5's.

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    For a second I thought this thread said "Depends and nukes". Oh well, it was still interesting.

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    If you can get a hold of the depends max protection, they're better than the pullups. I don't like the way the pullups fit, but do hold a bit more than a goodnites, even if they don't contain it as well. Depends are also a good deal cheaper than goodnites.
    Nuks are fine, but I'm not really a paci person so I'm not really partial to one company or another.

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    Depends pullups style are ok, I prefer the drynites. However depends will hold far more, Depends also have a much higher waistband so are harder to hide under clothes. Put simply Drynites are kids bedweting pants, Depends are traditional incontinence protection. In saying that Depends mens pants hold nothing in comparison to a tape up style nappy so don't expect to much. Nuk are a top brand quality wise but are very plain, at least the ones I've seen, the important thing is the sizing number. I think Powderhair (I love that girl) mentioned size three is the biggest you can get in stores, I believe size five is the adult version, the smaller sizes are just normal kids pacifiers and personally I like the more colourfull (yest I'm Australian educated) ones if your going for the smaller sizes.

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