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Thread: Fall 2010 Anime (Sub Only)

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    Default Fall 2010 Anime (Sub Only)

    What Fall 2010 anime is everyone watching?

    I am currently watching the following Fall 2010 Anime: Bakuman, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Iron Man Anime, Ore No Imouto, Otome Yokai Zakuro, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Star Driver, and The World God Only Knows.

    (If someone could provide the most recent fall 2010 anime chart with pics that isn't a troll, that would be wonderful).
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    Dragon Ball Z Kai waiting for the next episode since sept 6 and before that about july, they will be continuing their original schedule as of oct 20 (which sux)

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterlink89 View Post
    Dragon Ball Z Kai waiting for the next episode since sept 6 and before that about july, they will be continuing their original schedule as of oct 20 (which sux)
    This thread is for anime that JUST started airing in DBZ Kai doesn't count, sorry.

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    oh my bad but it does not say that anywhere but still the Japanese version of it is still airing every Sunday. i read things fast and i dont get a lot of info on it

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    I am looking forward to the Fall 2010 schedule, a lot of the anime looks pretty good and I can't wait!!! Japan has THE best tv dramas EVER and also the best sitcoms ever too! I LOVE that Bakuman is going to be turned into a tv show, and I also am happy that Tegami Bachi is getting a second season. I just hope that, the give High School of The Dead a second season when summer or spring comes around.

    I also heard that, Hitman Reborn! Is going to get another season coming 2011. So for all you Hitman Reborn fans, look forward for that!!

    Anyways, I looked at some of the anime coming out and I do think I will be watching some of the along side the ones that I need to finish.

    Edit: Almost forgot, here's an image of half of the anime that will be playing on TV. This schedule only shows anime that Japan THINKS will be getting the most ratings. That's how Japan works I guess....

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    Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!!! Love that one. Also looking forward to Index 2, Milky Holmes, and Letter Bee 2. Yosuga no Sora looks interesting too.

    Anyway, new anime...Yay!

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    The only one I'm really likely to follow and watch is Bakuman, I love the Manga, and I'm really interested in seeing if the Anime can capture the same feeling and overall attitude that the Manga has and be as good.

    I'm not sure I like Takagi's voice actor so much... he seems a little too, I'm not sure maybe just a bit too mature? I don't know.

    Other than that I really like Mashiro's and Azuki's voices, and I really can't wait to see Eiji and Hiyamaru animated... I mean, can you just picture Niizuma's manic motions in full motion and color? and the look Hiyamaru always puts on his face when trying to get out of work usually cracks me up.

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