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    I need help I'm thinking of getting some adult nappies online as drynites are too small but I don't know whitch also what the packing would be like as I'm still living at home

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    Dorset Nursing Supplies sell adult nappies, as far as I'm aware they are the cheapest place online for Tena Slips and Abena X-Plus in the UK. They offer next day delivery, so if you order in the morning your nappies will come some time the next day unless it's the weekend which is handy as you can arrange for them to arrive on a day when you're home alone. Their packages are sent recorded delivery, so somebody will have to be home to sign for them. All of their nappies are shipped in discreet packaging with nothing to suggest there are nappies in the box. However, a box of nappies is of a considerable size so you will need to think of an excuse as to what's inside it if anyone sees the package - as it is winter now you could say that it's a Christmas present so that you don't have to show anyone. Here's the link to their website: Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies

    If you're trying to decide on which nappies to buy then I find the Tena Slip Maxi, Abena X-Plus and the Molicaire Super Plus all to be good. They will all certainly be much better than drynites!

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    You know, the website has this super awesome search function. Perhaps you should try it.

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    I tryed the search but coundt find what I was after I didnt whant to order some thing and then it to turn up in a box that says what it is on the out side

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    Ive ordered from Dorset Nursing supplies, Attends and Tena.

    Dorset Nursing supplies will put tape over any markings that refer to the contents of the box. But for maxium descretion, I would advise ordering direct from Tena. They wrap the boxes up in grey plastic, so whoever should handle the boxes will have no idea whats inside. Also Tena delivery is very very quick. I once ordered some and by the time I had returned home from a nightshift the nappies had already been delivered by 0800. A nice neighbour took my delivery in for me, but they had no idea of the contents because of the plastic wrapping.

    Attends delivery is good also, but its not very descrete.

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