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    well palko i like to read mostly fantasy books and anything to do with wizards, fairies, witches, mythical creatures etc. and then i like to read all my baby story books as well. most of my books are on cd or tape as i listen to them as my disability will not let me hold a book very long or hold my head looking down to read. and my care giver reads all my baby story books to me.

    i also like to listen to old radio shoes and to nursery music and lullaby's as much as i can. i love to watch cartoons and watch any movies fit for babies and toddlers to watch.

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    Awesome, thanks for telling us a bit more about yourself, even if you did have to start a new thread

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    Ooh, I love reading children's books as well! I am getting quite a big collection of picture books now, I use the excuse that I'm buying them as a nice resource to have for my job, but mostly I buy them because I love them!

    What are your favourite picture books? I love the 'Mog the Cat books' by Judith Kerr, and Shirley Hughes' books, particularly about Alfie & Annie-Rose, and I like 'The Last Noo-Noo' by Jill Murphy and her stories about the Large family, who are all elephants. I also like any picture book with cats and kittens in! Those are all books I loved when I was little, my favourite modern picture book author is probably Oliver Jeffers. Although I've just realised all of those books are British and so you probably haven't heard of them - I don't really know of many American picture book writers (aside from Dr Seuss, who I must admit I don't really like...), perhaps children's picture books don't really make it in other countries so much.

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    I read mostly horror and suspense books. Right now i'm reading a large book filed with short stories about zombies. I do have a collection of classic Winne the Pooh books that I open up every once in a while when I'm feeling babyish.

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    Ooh, I LOVE a good zombie story!
    My favourite's one where a guy wanders into a 'backstreet lab were zombies are...

    Just thought I'd give that a 'spoiler' tag cuz there's always the chance there's someone who hasn't got to the end of it yet.

    I love any good horror too though, nothing quite like a book that has you afraid to go to bed.

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