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    Hi All!

    What a great lookin' site. I'm a DL with an interest in diapers that goes back to about 4 years old. I can still remember looking longingly at the box of 70's Pampers on the top shelf of my closet. with me it's all about the tactile thing and the smell of powder, A&D ointment and desitin.

    I wear when I can, which isn't often. Try as i may, I can't shake this desire and at this point in life, I've given up trying.

    When I'm not working or wearing, I'm fishing or skiing or out in the country but I always come back to my diaper desires.

    The reviews are what got me to this site. I get to wear so little that a bag of diapers can last me six months so I want to choose well! Looking at some Dry 24/7s this time around.

    I grew up in Cloth/early wingfold Pampers. Whil I usually wear disposables, I also have some cloth (gauze) but I've got to wash, dry and stash 'em. The wife knows but doesn't support....she doesn't support much, frankly.

    Anyway, I hope to share experiences with y'all!



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    Welcome, Desitin. Here at ADISC we like to know what *else* makes you tick. Being here, liking diapers is pretty much a given, so we want to know about all the other parts of your life. So: what kind of fishing and skiiing do you do? Fly? Spinner? Noodling? and skiing: cross-country, telemarking, alpine (and if you do alpine, what kind of equipment do you have)?

    Sorry your wife doesn't support you. If you feel up to it, it might be a good topic in the AB forum to talk about how you deal with a spouse or SO that doesn't support you.

    Among other things, I used to do a lot of alpine skiing, and miss it quite a bit.

    Also, just a suggestion: your username is a pretty typical AB-type name; we'd like to know you for more than just that part of you.

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    Sorry to here your wife doesn't support you

    You said you were interested in nature, how so? Birdwatcher? Camper? Rambler?

    Welcome to ADISC. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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