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    still kinda new here dont no if this has been asked, but if you use ur diapers and only ur diapers for a period of time will it un potty train u in any way?

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    This has been discussed a number of times, and the answer is always no. Being a real baby is very different from being an adult or teen baby, because the baby doesn't have developed bladder or sphincter muscles. You do. You would have to be in diapers 24/7 for more than a year before you would notice some sort of difference. Going 24/7 will enable you to relax and go much more freely, but even then, those muscles are still there, ready to take over.

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    alright sorry jus joined this site few hours ago thanks

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    I find though that after wearing more often than not for a while (but not strictly 24/7) I don't always think about whether or not I am diapered before I wet. So I don't wet without realizing it, but I wet without thinking much about it. It's about as close as I care to get to being incontinent.

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    Given plenty of time yes it will. About a year wearing 24/7 and you'll lose most control if you don't consciously hold your urine in while diapered.

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