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    hi my name is chris and ive been a DL for a lil while now. growing up never really had the chance to get diapers, finally today went out and bought some.. sitting in a wet one right now

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    Hello Chris, welcome to the forums.

    Well done for posting an introduction However, I'm afraid it doesn't really tell us a lot about yourself, apart from that you like diapers (which we almost all do, hence why we're here!). Unlike a lot of AB/DL websites we like to get to know our members really well outside of their interest in diapers. If you look around the forums you'll see we have tons of conversations that really have nothing to do with diapers at all.

    So, having said that I wonder if you can tell us a little more about your life outside of diapers? Are you at school/college/work? What kind of stuff do you like in your spare time? Any hobbies/interests/sports? Favourite band or movie? We have a really varied group of members here, so I'm sure you'll find a few other members who you share something in common with

    If you still feel a bit unsure about what kind of stuff we'd be interested to know then there's a good 'cheat sheet' for making a good first impression here:

    As i said earlier, welcome to the forums an I look forward to hearing some more about you

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    im about to head off to college.. but for now living at home. got tons of friend, and im very frindly.. played football for 3 yrs not sure wat else to put out

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    What will you be studying in college? I don't really know how the education system is in America, do you have to decide on a subject to study in college or do you study a bit of everything?

    I guess when you say you played football you mean American football and not soccer? I'm afraid i don't really know anything about american football, apart from that it looks very scary and there's a position called 'quarterback.' Also it's played with more hands than feet, right? That doesn't really make sense, what I mean is that I assume there are the same number of hands & feet on each team, but am I right in thinking hands are in contact with the ball more? Is a touchdown American football or rugby? I get confused! I probably shouldn't be trying to instigate a sporting conversation, I apologise!

    So, what kind of stuff do you like to do with your friends or in your spare time? Are you a fan of computer games or movies or anything?

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    yeaaa american football and its great haha and in college ill be studying journalism mainly, and of course the basics math,science etc

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    hey thechoice and welcome to ADISC....i am a football fan also(american) played myself in high a sophomore in a big fan of AMERICA'S TEAM SO GOOOO COWBOYS!!!!!...hope u enjoy

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    Hey welcome to adisc I'm a big fan of American foot ball and I played since 6th grade to well I'm still in it what's your favorite NFL team

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    Welcome as well, and babyjess, with American football one uses their hands more on the other players than the actual football. When the ball is hiked by the center to the quarterback (both touching the ball), the offensive line goes to work grabbing the defensive men who are rushing in, trying to hold them in place or push them back. They actually aren't allowed to "hold" them, but they do. The defense is trying to get to who ever has the ball and tackle them, thus grabbing the ball carrier and throwing him to the ground. So in that short synopsis you can see that there is a lot more contact with other players, than the ball. Yes, I like football. Virginia Tech is my favorite college team, and the Steelers my favorite NFL team.

    As you can tell by now thechoice22, we really do talk about a lot more things than just diapers, but we talk about those as well. Welcome to a very diverse and wonderful site.

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    titans are my fav team sarge the boys are going down this week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechoice22 View Post
    titans are my fav team sarge the boys are going down this week!
    umm....not happening at all...u think ur gna win in Jerry world? hahaha not gna happen...Cows got this!!!

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