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    just saying hello as it invites me to! had found my way here once before but just registered and didn't really look. am wanting to kind of find out a bit more about all this stuff, and the experiences of real people seem the best. well, look forward to asking, and sharing where I'm up to when I've settled in a bit!

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    Thought I'd add some more based on one of the stickies!
    I'm a young professional.
    I'm sort of discovering my reason for being here. Its more of an overall thing, rather than being a DL specifically - that's not actually really me at the mo.
    Other interests, geeky technology, mountains.
    Here to learn about this world, what people do in it, and to talk about it.

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    Welcome to the forums - good to see another person from the UK, although I am in the South myself.

    If you are still trying to discover yourself as someone with an interest in nappies then here is a good place to start - not everybody here is a DL and there's certainly no need to label yourself if you are still trying to discover what it is about the lifestyle you do and don't like. If you need to ask any questions you should be able to get some good, well thought out answers out of most of us

    I am completely rubbish with technology, I can work a computer but have no idea how to do anything if it goes wrong and I'm not very good with anything else, even DVD players stump me half the time! I very very much like mountains though - my parents live in Wales and I grew up there, unfortunately we didn't live in the mountainy North but it was still quite hilly where I lived in the south west. I love being up high. Do you do much climbing? I have done a bit of hiking and climbed Snowdon and a few of the surrounding peaks, but I also just like to be around mountains/hills even if I'm at the bottom. When I was in Darjeeling, India my bedroom window in the hostel looked over the himalayas and from the rooftop you could see Everest - even though we were pretty far away from it I was happy that I've at least seen the world's highest peak. One day i hope to visit the bottom of it too.

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC and I look forward to hearing from you soon

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    Hello there, and welcome to ADISC! Well done for reading the stickies! You'd be surprised how many people don't!

    I love York, especially the little chocolate shop in the shambles! Ever been there?

    I'm from Scotland but my mummy and daddy and I all used to go there every summer, to a caravan part called Rowntree Caravan Park (I think... it was a while ago!)

    So what does 'geeky technology' involve then?

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