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    So I have finally found a place nearby that sells adult diapers but they only stock tena pants discreet. Does anyone have any experience with these diapers and if so I'd like to know what they are like compared to drynites.

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    I'm going to assume these are tena pullups. I personally did not like them, because they were too big on me. I think if they actually fit you, they would be nice. They are more absorbent, then drynites.

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    I find the Tena Pants discreet to be pretty bad for absorbency - I have only tried them once and every time they leaked on the first wetting! They are not really designed for letting go of a full bladder in, but rather for leakage. I find drynites to be better. In my experience Tena pants super/plus are much better if you can find them as they are much more absorbent and can deal with wettings a lot better. It might also be worth asking the pharmacy if they can order in any of Tena's other range for you- Tena's nappies are very good, but I don't find their pull-ups to be as good as drynites.

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    I personally haven't tried the discreet version but I did try the pant Plus. While I find them very comfortable to wear they do tend to leak on me quite often so if you decide to get and wet them make sure you do it very slowly. I personally prefer the Tena pants over Drynites but that's just because Drynites don't really fit me properly.

    I can't deduce what type of 'place' it is based on your post but if it is a pharmacy I suggest you follow babyjess' advice and ask if they can order in anything else from the Tena line.

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