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Thread: Anime: Bleach

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    Cool Anime: Bleach

    Who watches it? Who is is your Favorite Character and what episode are you on?

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    Yup, I watch it. The next episode I need to see is 170. Sajin Komamura is one of my favorite characters, but he doesn't get enough appearances. Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, Renji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Hanataro, Nel, Kon (I have a Kon plushie!), Grimmjow, Luppi, Ulquiorra.... okay, that's enough... those are my favorites.

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    I watch it, and am current with the episodes. I liked Ulquiorra - a cold, logical, rational character who doesn't waste screen time with unnecessary drama.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    The next episode I need to see is 170.
    Ugh, right near the beginning of a bad filler arc. Do yourself a favor and skip to episode 190. Also, when you get to episode 230, skip to episode 266.

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    NutFreeFruitcake: Hey the fillers arent that bad the last one was pretty good they just dragged it on for too long. :P
    ShippoFox: Thats sooooo coool a Kon plushie!!!! I want one!!!!

    Me Im up to date On the current episodes also. my fav chars are Ichigo, Kon, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and last but not least Kenpachi.

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    well i dont watch it but will soon my friend has said we will see it together

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    God, I hate that arc. It's like: "hey like what you see? WELL GUESS WHAT! We're going to shelve this for awhile and make an entirely different story, and we'll bring Rukia back, just to screw with you!" seriously, that made me stop watching it until we go back to the PROBLEM AT HAND!

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    I've been just reading it lately, but favorites are Byakuya and Toshiro, I have a Urahara plushie.

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    i like the manga. i have read all of it.

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    I love bleach its one of my favorite anime shows next to fullmetal favorite characters are ulquiorra, toshiro, urahara and kenpachi

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