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Thread: Funny moment with friends?

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    Default Funny moment with friends?

    So, I have a good friend of mine who knows I wear and she does not mind it. The other night me and her and her fiance (who does not know) were swimming and relaxing in the hot tub together just hanging out.
    She kept having to leave to pool area every 20 mins to use the restroom due to having a soda a half hour ago. She was complaining that this never happens to her and was annoying. We were then talking about bus tickets since she had to go somewhere the next day. (now time for the "what if??" Q's since we had nothing better to talk about) I asked her what would do if the bus had no bathrooms and you were dying to go like you are tonight? She just said "I would just hold it" Then I said even if you drank a soda? She said "well..I would still hold it." I said, ..that would suck you would be screwed.
    Then out of nowhere her fiance said, "wear a diaper"

    Me and her looked at each other just started busting up laughing together while her fiance just looked confused and laughed. I felt bad but it was great.

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    That is funny! That's the type of things that make the best inside jokes =D

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    Or uh, at Golfland...don't let it go, Troy sir get on AIM more, my parents are a little better with accepting haha.

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