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    Not a 100% sure if this is the right place to put this or not but whatever.

    Any who, I was think what the statistics for people being *B/DL's? For example I believe it's every 1 out of 10 guys are gay (or something like that) just wondering if anybody has any stats on it or if anyone else has thougt about it.

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    I've thought about it, but I've never found any stats on it. The reason there are no stats for stuff like this is because no one wants to admit it to a random person. There is no way to really get an accurate measurement of the amount of *b/dl. I do agree that it would be nice to know how many there are.

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    That brings up another question to. I wonder if anyone has a "diaperdar" which would kinda be like having "gaydar"?

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    That would be very useful. I would never have to think to myself if the person I'm talking to likes them too.

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    All the little things that could make life easier. =D

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    a few of us did some research on this question a few years ago, looking at different ABDL websites where people listed their location and trying to get a sense of how widespread it is in the general population. i don't think anyone can say for sure, but it seems to me like about 1 in every 4,000 people is an ABDL. there's an article about it in the wiki: Population of AB/DLs - ADISC Wiki

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    I know Bittergrey has been accumulating large amounts of data. Possibly some of it can be crunched into a rough number?

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