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Thread: colored disposables diapers

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    Default colored disposables diapers

    any one know what non-white disposable diapers are out there? thanks

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    mm...i think Molicare has blue diapers, or maybe thats Abena, u should take a look at both and make sure^^

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    Molicares are a nice violet/purple color. You can get them from xp medical, they have discreet shipping.

    I'm not sure of your size, but dry 24/7 size large are... Blue I think. The mediums are white. You can get dry 24/7s from heir web site, or xp medical.

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    XP Medical's run of 24/7's are white, all they have in the middle is some faint laser printing that blurs blue when wet.

    The bambino bianco series is the only one I'm aware of that's completely white, with no wetness indicator. Anyone else know of others?

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    The US Tena (cloth backed) are many different colors depending on what style (green, blue, purple). Molicare Super and Super Plus are purple (but other molicares are not). You can also get many VERY cheap nursing home quality diapers in many different colors.
    Most diapers (with the exception of Molicare) are color coded for size, you if you have a job changing diapers, you can easly tell the difference between different sizes of diapers

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    Some Underjams are solid purple [girls] & solid green [boys] (UJ's have 2 different prints for each gender/size, & one of those 2 prints is always solid color), & 7th Generation makes baby diapers & toddler pull-ups in a earth-ish brown color.

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    Depend "underwear" adult pull-ups come in patterns for boys and girls; I'm wearing one with stripes right now. They work pretty well, only wish I could change them without taking myu pants off.

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    Dry 24/7 mediums are white.. the small are blue, and the large are a peach colour.
    Molicare Supers are purple.
    Tena Supers are green.

    There is also Depends Pullups now (even though they suck) that have different designs for males and females.

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    I have Vlesi slip comfort premium's that are all purple with no writing on them at all

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    The Tena Supers used to be green. It's been awhile since I've bought them though.

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