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    this idea occured to me while i was at work farting like crazy because of the beer i had drank the night before. so ive noticed that diapers tend to make the smell of a fart last longer, not something u want when u work with the public. a few years back i heard about special underwear with a part that had some kind of charcoal filtering system so it would kill the fart smell and i thought this would be awsome for diapers. im sure this idea is a long ways off but it would be awsome. thoughts or ideas.

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    I would happily go with the idea of, thinking about all the poor people that may just happen to be around.

    I would say drink less beer, that or put a cork in it. Don't see any other solution in the short or long term.

    Sympathies, to the poor people that is.

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    i know that there are air filtration systems for air but i'm not sure how it would work for underwear or plastic pants

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