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Thread: my assumption to why people like baby diapers

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    Default my assumption to why people like baby diapers

    i was just talking with zinsi and i think why people have (and i'm completely assuming and going from my own association here) a connection to not only the colors and scents, but also that just-had-an-accident, squishy feeling they give. apparently they have more sodium polyacrolyte in goodnites than in the cvs ones and when we were talking about this i remembered how the barely fitting goodnites felt.
    just wondering if you guys can compare or contrast to this sensation.

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    That's definately true. I can kinda fit into baby diapers (though it's no fun after a few times anymore because it doesn't feel like a real diaper), and if they are REALLY wet, they feel way more squishy than a normal adult diaper. I think Eurons felt the same when I wore them under the shower, but this could also just have been all the water

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    Eh... I respect your opinion.. but I don't think it is true.

    People like baby diapers b/c they are easy to obtain, smell good, & look cute. IMHO it has little to do with the absorbancy aspect of it.

    I for one don't understand the logic of buying them at all b/c they don't hold anything compared to a quality adult diaper... they don't fit properly... they don't do anything... b/c they are not intended for use by adults.

    Goodnites are really skirting the line. They are big enough to fit a large number of teens and lightly built men & women just fine... and are a much better design than any adult pullup on the market. But they still don't hold squat compared to adult diapers.

    The whole puffyness/swelling aspect can be easily duplicated by the right brand of adult diaper. Tranquilities swell and stay "squishy" just like that.

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    I think it's the appearance more than anything else that people like about them. Adult diapers are awfully... medical looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    People like baby diapers b/c they are easy to obtain, smell good, & look cute. IMHO it has little to do with the absorbancy aspect of it.

    I for one don't understand the logic of buying them at all b/c they don't hold anything compared to a quality adult diaper... they don't fit properly... they don't do anything... b/c they are not intended for use by adults.
    Yeah I agree with all of that, those are the main reasons why. Except I do agree with kite, that they are squshier when wet, compared to a normal adult diaper.

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    Baby diapers are not only easy to find but are also much cheaper for more diapers than Goodnite/Adult diapers. Adult diapers have a little appeal for *B due to the overall appearance of them. I can't use baby diapers by themselves, but they are excellent as diaper doublers fit on the inside of adult diapers. With the doubler they add more *B appeal due to the smell most baby diapers have.

    +1 for the squishy statement, goodnites especially, but i cant be sure of baby diapers as they have always been too small for me.

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    Also consider the idea that you - the person - are fitting into something intended for a baby. It makes you FEEL like you're younger, not because its intended to, but because you are actually wearing something a real baby would wear.

    I for one wish I could fit into Pampers (or any other brand of baby diapers). I am *just barely* unable to fit into Pampers size 7. I like the way they look, smell, feel (dry and wet), and simply because it makes you feel cute in them.

    Adult diapers are just... not the same. Goodnites are probably the next best thing if a lot of absorbency isn't something you need.

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    I am not exactly one who's interested in wearing baby diapers. They are cute and they smell and feel a whole lot better, but for me the interest comes in something that fits snuggly and securely, which is something only adult diapers can provide. However, not that I have for a while, but I can just fit into the largest size of pullups, and I have to admit they felt a lot better than a lot of adult diapers I've worn.

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    Well in my opinon.. coming from just personal testimony its about a couple of things. Of course I love the cute designs, its also about the novelty [especially for baby diapers pampers size 7 and luvs etc. which I have to mod] I mean its all about getting them, doing the mod which is a crafty thing within itself that is fun, and trying to see how good u can fit into them after the mod is done.

    But also I will say-Goodnites in particular which I wear farily regular are just good because they are discreet...I cannot get away with wearing a Bambino or any other adult diaper for that matter-even if its clothed backed because it still shows its bulikness under clothing.. and by the way Have u ever worn an adult pullup? They are not that great because they are very high waisted.. I end up having to roll them down alot, and the holes for the thigh are cut higher as well- specifically refering to depends refasentables.. It makes them just feel weird.

    Even tho I have to mod Goodnites at the moment-they are very comfortable and fit more like my regular underwear [girl underwear] but they are more like a real diaper in looks and function without any ill side effects.

    That means I can wear out side and around anyone without feeling too embarressed or worried.

    And Goodnites aborbancy is pretty good for my needs anyhow. I admit u can't flood the thing [but I don't want to anyhow], and I actually don't like staying in a used diaper for long so even if I use it alot I never worry about sitting down and having it leak. Actually that's what I like about it.. u can't stay in it forever u have to change. I feel this idea is more babyish than ppl talking about staying in a wet abena for 8 hours or something ridiculous cuz real babies get changed like every 1-2 hours anyhow. So its more realistic to me.

    And actually a few ppl said something about how they get squishy.. thats cool too.

    And another thought I had was this.. right now I don't end up wearing alot during the day anyhow cuz of an active lifestyle..I don't really have time to do it alot-and although goodnites allow me to wear discreetly during the day which I do sometimes.. when life gets too active, I don't. Which leads me to admit that there is something attractive about Goodnites being made speically for nightime use. I mean that's when I wear them the most anyhow so I just have fun with that.

    The only downside to goodnites that I see is that I worry if I do #2 in them ,which I have, but its not like a real diaper-the leak guards aren't good enough to contain it so I usually don't end up doing that.

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    yeah, i see what you're saying. i wasn't saying all people wore baby diapers for was the squish, but it was just something that i noticed/remembered from before about them. also, as far as pooping goes, even adult pull ups are horrible at that. ick.

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