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Thread: B4NS Shipping Times?

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    Default B4NS Shipping Times?

    When does B4NS usually ship and how long does it take to arrive (within Canada)? I'm seeing an opportunity to order something, but I need to know when it all happens. I just need a general time, if I can order it and have it to arrive in a 3 day window then awesome. If not; it's possible, but complicated...

    The reason I'm asking is that I couldn't find anything about shipping times on their website. Maybe I overlooked something?

    Do you think I could send them an email asking about an estimated time? (Stupid question?)

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    I've ordered from them a couple times and they were pretty good about shipping right away as long as what they had was in stock. They are also pretty good about communication so I wouldn't expect any problems with you sending them an e-mail and asking about the shipping time of specific items as long as you don't make it too complicated.

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    Not sure about the west coast but shipping in Ont is done everyday and arrives in 2 days. This company is fantastic to deal with, very helpful and friendly. I'm sure they will answer anything you need if you ask.

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    I ordered from them in February on a Friday, and got my order the following Wednesday, and I'm in the next province over from you.

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    I ordered from them on the 27th of September, the next day I got an email saying that they were shipped. I had them at my doorstep on October 3. I live in Medicine Hat, so anything shipped here has to go through Calgary first, so you may get yours a day or two sooner than I would here.

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