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Thread: Acceptance and giving in

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    Lightbulb Acceptance and giving in

    I still think it will take me awhile to actually accept who I am; although, thanks to you all I am coming more to terms with it and realizing how infantilist I have been since I was very young.

    I had decided that I was a toddler for a long time because I thought that was some better than being totally an infant. But my baby ways and dreams give over.

    I did wear in public tonight and I was a little embarrassed as I wet and then wet again but no one knew.

    I bought baby food and some canned peas and mashed them so I am now trying my first baby foods besides just fruit. I have ate the fruits on and off.

    I also got some rice cereal to put in my whole milk... couldn't go for the formula though.

    Does anyone else have similar stories of accepting... or do you have problems accepting who you are in this lifestyle?

    I wish I had someone to feed me but I can do it myself... at least I'm not totally helpless but I wish I did have someone to hold me and care for me.

    Now I don't know about defecating except that my tummy is torn up and if it happens it happens...

    But I also think along with my counselor wanting to learn more and help me remove my shame that it has opened up my mind so much....

    Now if I could just get off the baby track for a little while and get some homework and research done!
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    Adisc is helping me become more comfotable with who I am....yea i wear diapers nd pull-ups...yea im a TB-o well whoc cares...its my not hurting anyone and it isnt a crime for me to do what I am doing. I like toys and having fun. I cant help that....I feel like I need these things and its my money and it helps me feel better. We have to have this type of attitude with TB/DL. We have nothing to be ashamed of. Lets feel good about ourselves. Nobody has to know if we dont want them to know. We just have to do what makes us comfortable. Lets do what we have to do...well thats all I got...hope this helps

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    Again, may I humbly suggest the blog feature? The way you've writtern this seems better suited to the blog section then an actual thread, theres nothing people can really respond with except "cool story".

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    My friend call me kid it's taken a life time to come to grips with who I,m and still is . I wear all most every nite have my teddy bear . At times I wish i could stop this but it is me who I,m . I look at toddlers in the store and wish I was that toddler . loved and played with HAPPY.Fox

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    Well I'm glad to hear that your accepting who you are as I'm sure every one else is. Its never a good thing to be lost to yourself. Accepting who and what you are is a huge thing to do and I honestly believe very few truely accept themselves and give in to there true self

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