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    Default Introduction!


    I thought I'd leave a introduction message in this here topic.
    I'd like to start of by telling you guys/girls something about myself.
    I'm 19 years old and live in holland. My daily live includes (ofcourse) studying, gaming, posting on forums and other fun things. I do have a girlfriend situated in the above mentioned country. And she's a sweet girl

    My ab/dl/tb interest is mainly the TB side of affairs . At the moment for me its only my fantasies about it. But I would like to try it out once with my gf (if she wants). But until now I have never did anything with it. I do have this feeling for a long time now so I decided to search for other people who had it. So I ended up here with you guys/girls

    I hope this is enough. I look very much forward to your reactions and I hope to have a great time on this forum.



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    Hello, welcome to the forums It sounds like you have a good balance between your daily life and your TB life and that was a good introduction

    What do you study? I don't know how the education system works in Holland - at 19 are students generally at school, college, university or something else?

    What kind of games do you like to play? I'm not much of a gamer myself, I like 2D games like Super Mario but am completely incapable of playing anything in 3D. But there are lots of people on here who like gaming as well

    See you around the forums

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    Hey there, really! Welcome to ADISC!

    It's nice to see an introduction that tells us all about your outside hobbies as well, since the majority of posts here aren't really to do with diapers

    So kudos to you!

    If you have any questions or that, feel free to ask here, or to send me a PM

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    Its great to see already two people replying within 10 minutes of creating the thread

    To babyjess:

    At the moment I am in college, studying IT.
    And well I play almost every kind of game, I own a SNES with Super Mario Bros and Biker mice from mars! Its awesome!
    I also play the more recent games like COD(every version except 3 and 5). And im a dedicated EVE player.

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    Oooh, I played COD (Call Of Duty - right?) with my friend once! I'm so good at gaming! lol

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    Yes its Call Of Duty, I LOVE it! :P but I mostly am to busy to game for an extended period of time...
    But every now and then I clear my schedule and shoot people(in game) xD
    And that is,, if im not playing EVE,,, :P

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    Welcome to the forums Really! I hope you enjoy your time here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by really View Post
    And well I play almost every kind of game, I own a SNES with Super Mario Bros and Biker mice from mars! Its awesome!
    Oh, I like the SNES! I like the simplicity of the controller - up, down, left, right and two buttons for other things and pretty much all the games are in 2D. My brain can actually handle games on the SNES, it's when people want me to have a go at using a playstation controller that i fall apart - I just can't use that little joystick thing. Unfortunately because they are so old the cost of buying a SNES now would be really high and I don't have one from the good ole days

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