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Thread: Score!! =d

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    Default Score!! =d

    So I just decided to run to Goodwill just to see what they had and I was look through the electronics and didn't see anything really tempting but then I started walking towards the cloths and BAM! there were 5 packs of Tranquilty ATN sitting there. 4 packs of medium size and 1 pack of smalls. So I was kinda caught off guard so I kept paceing back and forth and scoped the area to make sure nobody I knew was there and also thinking on how to get them descretly enough that noone would question me. So I devised a plan and I grab a small shopping cart and went back, set them in the cart and proceeded to the checkout. Of course when I got to the checkout there were 2 old ladies in front of me that took their time paying for their items. So I was getting slightly antsy but then it was finally my turn and the cashier asked if I needed a bag and I told her no thanks. But the grand total for all 5 packs was $16.05. $3.00 a pack. I'm excited for night to come to wear one! I'm going to try the smalls first then work on the mediums. Only problem is that I ran out of room in my suitcase so now I have 4 packs in a desk in my room. Hopefully I can find a better place to hide them tonight so my mom doesn't find them :/.

    But long story short. I'm beyond excited!! =D.

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    The smalls said they were from 24"-32" waist so they'll be snug. Hopefully the work. If not I might just send them to someone that can use them ^-^

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    Nice one Bet it was scary buying that many adult diapers, must have filled the trolley up! Enjoy them, but try to get a hiding place ASAP

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    It did fill it up! Lol. When I was waiting in line I was thinking about were to hide them. That was the best place I could think of off hand. So now I have a bunch of diapers so hopefully I hit a "binge" spell shortly. lol

    Oh and my waist size is like 31"-32".

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    "Hopefully" is the wrong word of choice in this situation, binging and purging are causes and effects, ration them, make them last.

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    Yes. Very true. BUT! my mom called me and said she won't be home for a few more hours so I'm wearing one of the small ones right now and I'm drink milk like mad. Lol. I already wet a little. =D they're amazing so far. Love the crinckeling too ^-^.

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    $3 a pack that is one heck of a deal!!!

    I want ATN for $3 a pack

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    Tranquility ATNs are awesome - great find. You'll find that I am an epic thrift store shopper and most of my stash has been acquired this way. I usually use three disposables per change and usually spend less than 25 cents a change. Tranquility ATN's on-line are easily $1.00 per diaper after shipping etc. so you did very well @ $3.00 a pack!

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