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Thread: How do you guys (or girls) relax?

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    Default How do you guys (or girls) relax?

    I think there is probable already a thread for this, but who cares. How do you guys (or girls) relax? I relax by writing, wearing a diaper, and blasting some music. My parents have no idea how listing to Disturbed calms me down lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjaminwolf View Post
    wearing a diaper.
    To wear a rely good diaper can get mi very relax.

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    wildlife/ landscape photography is the most relaxing thing I do, it is total bliss! Spending time in the middle of nowere, sitting on a bank along a river, watching the antics of a bald eagle and its young... or standing below a waterfall, with the mist and all the sounds, studying all the details to find that perfect shot...
    That is my idea of relaxing. I find long bike rides by myself relaxing also.

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    Listening to Frank Sinatra and taking a nice nap after dinner really relaxes me lately.

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    Blue Gatorade, a video game and metal music and if I can put one on, a diaper so I can stay in my room and not deal with people. I also love playing my guitar in this small Café. The "Hipster" kids hang out there, but they never bother me much when I play. I guess I'm so underground and unheard of that I'm a god or something. I always wanted to be a God.

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    Aside from the AB things I do to relax (sucking a dummy, wearing a nappy, drinking from a bottle) I love reading in a nice hot bubble bath. I also find listening to music, cooking and watching Studio Ghibli films are good things to do when I'm feeling stressed and need to chill out a bit.

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    Depends on my mood.
    1) Cuddles, cookies, milk/hot chocolate, and a movie
    2) Video game
    3) Driving
    4) Reading
    5) Writing
    6) Anime
    7) Going outside in the fall (and only the fall, unless there is snow, and then winter too). Summer makes me hot and annoyed and spring is meh. Fall is perfect and beautiful. Plus the air in the fall smells the best. Love it.

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    A good beer can relax me, spending time writing also relaxes me and so does some drawing. It depends on my mood and situation as to what I want to do and what has happened during the day-or-night. I work a night-shift job, so my moods can vary. Sometimes I need a good video game too, that helps as well.


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    Hmm, to relax I play a little guitar, mountain biking, dry cleaning the bike (quite therapeutic lol), driving and of course being little.
    Can't beat a hug from your favourite teddy to relax.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My top three forms of relaxation are:
    -- Nature walks
    -- Watching b-grade sci-fi
    -- Blasting things in games like Fallout 3 and Sacred 2

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