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Thread: What size diaper is best for me now?

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    Default What size diaper is best for me now?

    First I am going to paste this old find, I have 4 post, so it was really easy to find this, this is from when I was 15, I am now 18.
    __________________________________________________ ______
    Just curious what my size would be.

    Weight 165 pounds ( in strength no fat )
    *Around 190+ now ( in strength less fat )

    Waist size (30-32, wear 34/34 cause they sag on me[ fall off ] )
    *now 33-34 , can still take off 34/34 with out unbuttoning pants.
    *Hang lose, less sag more white-prep, but they don't fall off.

    hight: 5"11 or 6ft
    * Also that is a complete lie, I think I was actually about 5"10 then lol
    * now : 6"1

    Gona be 16 in one month, in athletics so i aint gona get fatter maybe skinnier with all the line drills we run.

    *Did a lot of running, and realized now that "Gona" is not a word
    *now 18

    well any one no the estimate diaper size?
    *Does any one happen to know the size that would best fit me?

    -Most mediums go up to 32, but large go pretty far out pass 32-34, and x-large, well I don't wear size 50s +

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    I have 33 in waist. Mediums fit me fine. But every brand is sized a little different.

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    Just look at the product sizes! Every manufactures size and fit is different, so your just going to have to look at the waist size listed by the manufacture, and judge according to that. If your a 33 waist, most brands are going to be medium, but those sizes dont work for every body type/personal preference, so you will just have to try them. I am a size 29-30 and wear a medium in some brands, and small in others

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    Thanks guys, so my best bet Is medium, and so long as its a "worthy" brand I should be fine

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