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Thread: Kinda new?

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    Default Kinda new?

    Well, a little about me. I don't think I really ever been on very much
    I made an account.. well just look at the date when i was younger, and now I have come back.

    I am a diaper lover, not a pedo, or a creeper or anything, not sure what all to put in my introduction.

    My name is : HAHAHa.. not telling you just call me Jo
    My favorit color is .. blue
    I like to draw, i play sports

    and no one that lives around me knows I like diapers, and i plan to keep it that way, unless by faith some one on here lives down the block from me and it just happens ( But thats like 1/100000000000 )

    so yeah, thats me!

    * love chess *

    umm.. not sure if pictures are aloud, but it said it was to big for a profile image, and parents are home so i cant really edit it or anything atm
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    Pictures are ok, but I would be careful about posting a picture of your face in it! You never know who might find it, and this part of the forum is accessible by google spiders!

    As for you, good intro! What sort of interests and hobbies do you have outside of AB/DLism? You'll see that most of our posts don't actually involve diapers at all, so tell us stuff outside of your diaper interest so we can get to know you better

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    Hey shomurio, welcome to the active posting end of things here. You should probably get along well, from the looks of it. I wouldn't worry too much about the pic. At worst, a mod might decide to remove it. Several people here use real pictures of themselves for their avatars, so I don't feel like it should be a problem here, so long as you're okay with any joe blow finding this thread and clicking on the link. Since you're concerned about someone locally finding you here, then keep it only if you are willing to take that chance. Otherwise, you can wait until you get to 20 posts, and post it in the regular's forum/gallery, where the general public can't see it.

    So images aside, you like sports, chess, and the color blue? Not a bad combo. I've never been great at chess, and haven't been a huge fan of any sport other than hockey, but I do love blue . What kind of music do you listen to? Are you going to college, or maybe next year?

    Hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to hope in and get to know people.

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    yeah, going to college, and oddly a girl I am talking to is from Michigan! She moved to Arkansas this summer and is living about an hour from me, thought that was pretty cool.

    Guess, I will leave picture as a link till 20 post then simply re upload to the other forums ( I am on a 3 year old account you think they would just let me asses it lol )

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    sorry for responding to your thread so early....Im a bit shy myself...welcome to the forums...check out the message i left u...hope u enjoy

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    You have to have made 20 posts, been here a week and be on 0 rep or nighter, just a few more posts and you'll be there

    Also, blue is rubbish - pink is the way forward!

    If you're worried about someone you know finding your picture then just take it down in in a day or two you can post it in the regulars forum or gallery and no one will be able to find it unless they too are a regular!

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    You're halfway there

    And it's only taken you 19 hours! It took me months to get to regular status! Wait until you're a regular and striving to become a VIP! That seems to take forever!!!

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