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Thread: UKers: Footed sleepers are back in Primark!

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    Default UKers: Footed sleepers are back in Primark!

    Yes, it's that time of the year again. I went in there today not expecting much but the sleepers are back. Summer went so quickly!
    Unfortunately they only had one style and it was so fugly that I came away empty handed.

    But still ... just thought you might like to know.

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    Thanks for the find! I'll have to check 'em out.

    Annnnnd having had a look today I had to leave empty-handed myself. Largest size they could offer was "size L: 16-18", which had me having to hunch and squat to even get the shoulders up. Such a shame.
    The designs on offer I saw were this sky blue & white with dog motif, and then b&w cowprint with pink on the zip/buttons.
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    WOW, time really does fly, it doesn't seem that long ago they where getting rid of last years stocks!

    Quote Originally Posted by ssobolibats View Post
    Largest size they could offer was "size L: 16-18", which had me having to hunch and squat to even get the shoulders up. Such a shame.
    The designs on offer I saw were this sky blue & white with dog motif, and then b&w cowprint with pink on the zip/buttons.
    How tall are you ?, if you don't mind me asking, cos the fitting issue was why I didn't buy one last year.
    At 6'+ I'm generally too tall for most women's clothing, and to skinny for the sizes that are long enough :/ .
    And its not as if I could try it on in-store.

    The new designs are nicer than last years, The doggy ones kinda cute, its light blue with white arms that have black paw prints on.
    The cow print one was kinda cheesy tbh, but its better than the kinda plain white they had last year.
    As far as sizing goes they look kinda out of proportion, the body and arms look short compared to the legs, and the feet look really wee, i dont know if thats just cos their round tho. They're 8 same as last year.

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    CHECK !!!, sleepers in guys sizes from small to XL, in pacman designs !!

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    I'll do a review later.
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    I bought 2 of the designs today, the paw print one (which I don't really like but they had in my size) and a stars on which I love but don't know if it fits yet. I wish I had thought to look in the guys section too. I will look next time.

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    I looked again through the guys' section of my Primark today, didn't see any of these alleged male footedses. I did go back the week of my previous post though and took the 8 plunge for the blue pawprint one. As an update to the fitting I described before, I can get it an acceptable fit to my 6'2" frame with a slight initial hunching down to get the shoulders on. Zips up fine, foot size is okay, just the neck/'collar' region leaves a good deal of the back of my shoulderblades exposed, but yeah I think I like it. Feels comfy. Surprised not to get any curious questions from the staff as to why I was visiting and purchasing from the ladies' sleepwear segment.

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    Yea! we saw these on thursday when shooping in primark Luca had to get a pacman one :P we also got lilc a pink doggy one :X. The XL mens ones seem pretty roomy, I could probably squeeze my girth into it, and I'm 6'3 :P . And its only 10! Bargin :P.

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    I saw these sleepers in my local Primark last week, but it is a very small Primark and only had the blue doggy one, which I didn't really like. But today I was in another nearby town with a much bigger primark and they had the pink doggy design, and also a grey & pink leopard print one with the slogan 'WILD' written across it - personally I thought that one was hideous but the only other people in the store looking at the sleepers were eyeing up those ones. They also had the Pacman one, which is really cool.

    I bought a pink doggy one, and I have it on now. I agree with what other's have said about the sleepers - the arms are a little short and the zips don't come down far enough, plus the fabric is much thinner than on any of my other fleece sleepers, but for 8 I can't really complain. I actually bought the next size up from my normal size to make sure it was nice and roomy, and it fits pretty well. Overall I'm happy with my 8 purchase, and as there is another large Primark I haven't been to yet this season just a couple of stops on the train from me I may go there tomorrow to see if they have any other designs to tempt me with

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    I just got a pacman one for my birthday present from my house mates - how awesome is that!!! Sat in the living room wearing it now Get in - im 25 going on 5!

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    I guess I just must be slow cos I only saw these today. I agree the body is too short, it feels a little too tight for comfort even with just normal undies on underneath and I'm only 5'10"! However I think 8 quid is such a bargain for my first item of proper babywear and I hope to deconstruct it later and make my own using it as a pattern. The other thing I don't like is the central seam which I just don't think looks right over a nappy cos it splits the middle. But hey, mustn't grumble for now!

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