If you are a DL and considering falsely coming out as having a legitimate need, I would counsel against it. The problem is that you canít unring a bell, so you have to be completely committed to what you are doing, and that is not nearly as easy or as fun as you might imagine. Also, unfortunately, the Law of Diminishing Returns applies. When you are presenting yourself as needing protection, you need to do so 24/7, you need to wet and/or mess appropriately so as not to arouse suspicion, you need to endure leaks and wet beds, rueful, embarrassed looks from friends, family, colleagues, strangers, etcÖ but at the same time, it all becomes a bit mundane and boring. There is nothing special about it anymore.

As a case in point, I used to look forward to weekends when my wife was away so that I could indulge my fantasies. I would look forward to it for weeks in advance. Now when she goes away, half the time I can hardly be bothered. When I do, I certainly enjoy it but not to the same degree that I used to. Itís no long special in the way it once was.

Depending on your living situation, I would suggest that you are pretty well obligated to have at least one visit with a urologist, just to keep up appearances. There is either going to be an out-of-pocket cost to you, or if you have health insurance, you are at the very least burdening the healthcare system for something at that isnít real.

In my case, I do have some legit incontinence problems but not even close to the level I have let on. I went to the urologist and had a cystoscope (which found little other than a slightly enlarged prostate for someone of my age), and have found myself somewhat stuck in my ruse.

So, my advice, if anyone is interested, is to exercise caution and really consider what you are doing. Others may give different advice, and as a newbie here, you have no reason to trust my word, but if I were to do it again, I think I would make some different decisions.