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Thread: Evil Assh**** (Rant)

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    Default Evil Assh**** (Rant)

    This is a rant so you know the rules about reading past here...

    I was casually browsing youtube when i came across this:

    this video is horribly graphic and will ruin your day (around 00:13)

    those shitholes dont deserve a real link! what the **** is their prob!!!!???
    they ****in killed that girl!!!!!!! how the **** can they live with themselvs!?!?!?

    a ****ing cinderblock to the skull!?!?!? what a mother****ing shitface!!!!
    and what a stupid ass reason to kill her (they said it was because she was emo! She wasn't even ****ing emo! She was just some poor helpless girl in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    Im going berserk over this shitty video! Who the **** would even film that!?!? More importantly, WHO WOULD POST IT!?!?!?! people are ****ing deranged...

    I just needed to piss off somewhere. What do you think?

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    I agree.... that was really screwed up. I hope those responsible pay for what they've done.

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    What do I think? Doesn't deserve a single star. Death metal is bad enough, but watching someone being kicked to death is DESPICABLE. Anyone who thinks that's "funny" or "cool" is really damaged in the head.

    This has made me very angry. I want to do to these people like I want to do to Fred Phelps - what they did to that man in the video.

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    Honestly it seemed faked(not saying it wasn't horrible) but given YouTube's track record, also did the words after they killed her say 'the death of an emo' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    Honestly it seemed faked(not saying it wasn't horrible) but given YouTube's track record, also did the words after they killed her say 'the death of an emo' ?
    A lot of people hate emos (I'm one of them, cheer up goddamnit!), but that person being kicked to death seems way too real. Even if it was fabricated, it doesn't even deserve to descend through the layers of hell.

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    F*cking asshole, I know why they make this video because of the anti-emo roits in Mexico.
    Mexico's Emo-Bashing Problem - TIME

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    She wasnt even emo! She just had dark hair!
    Have black hair is a Emo Stereotype, so they probably beat her up on the idea that since she have black hair that mean she emo.

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    Don't think much of emo's, except their really good consumer sheep, but nobody deserves to die over anything.
    Well, pedophiles and hitler is debatable, but god sakes, killing someone over a hairstyle and dress code?

    Words fail me, but in an attempt, this does route to the homophobe issue.
    Emo's seem to have a metrosexual/effeminate appearance, so, in a homophobic country like mexico or greece (it's pretty bad here at that), it's bound such attacks would happen.

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