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    Default Its Me(Introduction)

    Well ive never have gotten around to introducing myself.
    Well Im Honoka for the moment
    but i go by my nickname most of the time.
    I am mostly known as Noodle. I am a DL,TB, and a brand new Furry =p

    Enough of my DL stuff lol
    Well like i said lets leave my name at Noodle
    Im a crazy teen with the most balanced unbalanced mind(Lol Oxymoron)
    I am a rocker. Favorite band you ask why its Gorillaz. Color of the days for me is anything dark awesome including khaki and brown.

    I hope to make friends here in the DL,TB and Furry world here
    I am an artist in training. So i could do pics for you guys sometimes
    Ask a question maybe ill answer maybe i wont doesnt hurt to try

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    Ewwww the Gorillaz!

    Welcome though, even if you have a rubbish taste in music

    Oh and well done for the good well rounded intro

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    Everyone has thier own taste in music
    i happen to enjoy GOrillaz but HI ^v^

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