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Thread: Psychiatrists: been there done that??

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    Default Psychiatrists: been there done that??

    Ok, so i have noticed a lot of people here have, at one point been to see someone or are/have been seeing someone for a while.

    I would like to know, by way of interest (don't answer if you feel its a bit invasive) who has. simply just answer the poll using one of the four options and leave a comment if you like.

    Personally yeah, i have been seeing one since the beginning of the year, i have not talked about my DL tendencies, its more been about the death of my dad and how fucked my family is.

    By way of interest, how would i bring up the topic of DL???

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    no, not that I am aware of (but I am not totally sure), I have never seen a psychiatrist about being a ab/dl, although I have been to a ton of different psychologists (and every kind of therapist/doctor) threwout my life.

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    I saw someone back when I was 15. I was pretty "woe is me, my life sucks" back then. Oh how stupid and wrong I was.

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    Wearing diapers is the least of my phsycological problems lol... never been too sweet on the idea of walking into a room with a total stranger and divulging my most guarded secret :P

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    Like, a few times when I was seven or eight. They wanted to find out why I kept wanting to hurt my dad. A lot of things were involved in that. Mostly though, he was just a jerk. Not a single thing about my ABDL side has ever been spoken to with a psychiatrist.

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    I used to see a psychologist regularly from the ages of about 16-18, she referred me to a psychiatrist. I only saw the psychiatrist a couple of times before I started hiding the appointment letters and told my mum that the psychiatrist said I was fine and didn't need to see her any more. She was talking about putting me on medication, which I was terrified of and did not want to be prescribed. By a stroke of luck my parents believed me and I stopped having to see anybody. I was there because I was 'depressed,' self-harming and had an eating disorder so I never brought up my AB side, it wasn't really relevant.

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    I'm afraid I was a child freak! I went to see a child psychologist, and a dietician, when I was about 9 for a few months, because I stopped eating...

    But it's ok I'm all good with the eating now

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    I see a psychologist once a week, depending on his schedule, and a psychiatrist once every couple of months for meds.

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    I've been seeing my shrink over ten years and told him about the DL thing about two years ago. It went well and has been worth the time, money and effort.

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