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    I started playing Evony online, supposedly free game. To me this game is a con. It says it is a free game, yet the only way to play it is if you buy thier very expensive 30 US dollar packs of whatever goodies they sell. I am upgrading 1 building at the moment, can only upgrade 1 at a time. On level 7 it takes over 20 hours to upgrade. Of course I can buy things to make speed up my buildings.

    If you want to get anywhere in this game you have to spend big. As soon as your 7 days grace expires you get attacked by multiple players who have been counting down. These players who attack are impossible to defend against as they are so many levels higher and have weaponry, equiptment and other stuff beyond your means. Basically all you are doing is producing resources for people who buy thier way to the top. I have tried many ways to play for free, none successful.

    You cannot delete your accounts. Basically I guess this is so they can say they have so many players registered and playing. I think I will go back to PC based games like Morrowind etc and keep my money in my pocket.

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    Duh. There is a reason their ads consist of women of questionable morals dressed in clothes of questionable coverage.

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