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    I've recently been enjoying wearing "almost" 24/7. Get up in the morning, #2, shower, dry off fully and change into a fresh. Surprisingly, that change me all day and clear around to the next morning. Tho I do tend to wake up pretty damp but no leaks recently. Haven't wet while at work or even close to it, not usually even feeling like I have to go until evening. Guess once your bladder's used to holding more it really cuts back on the senseless very early urges. Funny to think back to having to go at least 1-2x at work and 2-3x at home before. Urges really do come way earlier than necessary when you're used to always having easy access to a potty.

    Then seeing coworkers in and out of the bathroom over and over all day long, some of them many times, silly people.

    Yesterday I even had a super size at mcd's for lunch, thought for sure that'd break the dam early but not at all. Just unexpected to be able to manage one diaper a day... I suppose if I really was interested in #2 I could pull that off just before the shower in the morning even but not my cup o tea. Anyone else having similar luck? This just looks like the opposite of the expected experience, people saying that wearing 24/7 causes them to lose control rather than gain control. But then I'm not wetting at any opportunity which is probably why it's having the opposite effect. Not a matter of "I can wet anytime I want", but rather a "I'm wearing a diaper, I can't use the potty". So I guess what I'm saying is you can wear 24/7 without risking going IC. Far from it. All the benefits and none of the risk.

    I suppose it's possible that I might start having issues overnight if I don't wear a diaper since I do most of my wetting overnight, but my bladder requires serious concentration to let go no matter what the circumstance so I may be immune to that problem. I did have a series of some of the wildest "diaper dreams" I've ever had last night. I was at an AB/DL party, it was great!

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    If you really don't want to loose control.

    For the bladder, practice stopping mid stream. Yeah I know it hurts like hell and is uncomfortable, but each time you do it you flex those muscles.

    For the colon and all that stuff down there, practice Kegel exercises.

    I am no doctor, but this is what was recommended to my 88 year old grandmother after hip surgery. And yep, totally not incontinent.

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    i wear close to 24/7 for a few years now and ive noticed its pretty much a mental thing, u have to try to lise control. i relax on wetting so as to try to make it easier to wet wherever and im sure eventually i might lose bladder control cuz of that but it will take a lot of work and im not ready for that at the moment. i would never intentionally try to lose bowel control but being a guy im sure that eventually ill be at higher risk of it later in life. so if it happens then it does. i wear 24/7 because its incredibly convenient.

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