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Thread: Can anyone help me out?

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    Default Can anyone help me out?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a adult pullup that has more of a Goodnites design to it?

    I don't mean the designs btw, what I mean is I like how on Goodnites the padding comes almost all the way up to the waist band. I don't care for the adult style pullups where the the padding only goes about halfway up.

    If anyone knows about any like this it would be a big help, thanks.

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    Depends "underwear," at least for men (or big boys ), has the padding all the way up the front. I wear them often because when I wet sitting down the wetness tends to be absorbed in the front; these have enough padding that they don't leak. They're cheap and available at Walmart and Target.

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    Depends underwear doesn't go that far up the back. I got stuck with a pack thinking they were better than nothing for nights, but they just leak out that really really bad. They go up the front more but I found them rather awful sadly.

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