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Thread: 1000 ways to die episode

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    Default 1000 ways to die episode

    did you hear about the new 1000 ways to die? It will have a man dressed up as a baby
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    I've not heard of this, but i've seen the program on Bravo

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    That is a completely horrible portrayal of the AB lifestyle...not to mention the narrator referring to the individual as a weirdo and a perverted freak.

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    That was absolutely horrific - dare I call it a hate video. Not only does it make us all look like absolutely obsessed dumbasses, it also calls us that. 'Twisted little freak', 'perversion', and 'sick weirdo' were all particularly alarming. Would they say that about a homosexual? Maybe not, because society won't allow them to anymore, but you can liken that they're the kind of people that would have in the past, based upon the strong anecdotal evidence that they are very judgmental and ignorant about the subculture they are portraying in a very harsh light. It's being aired like this that gives us all a horrible reputation online and in the world. It was definitely over the top. (Oh, and do they usually show a total lack of empathy when someone dies? I'm assuming that's their common way of doing it. Either way, it just showed me one more example for why I never watch SPIKE.)

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    It has shock value. They intentionally exaggerated it to entertain the ignorant. They don't care about us because they find it very entertaining. If this episode/whatever was normal, and they tried to be understanding of AB/TB/DL stuff, then people would possibly say it's boring. The problem here is that those morons will use this extremely exaggerated crap as an actual example of the general infantilist. They won't think about people's feelings, nor will they care if the ridiculous stereotype in their minds is correct or not. They don't take a minute to think that the things AB/TB/DLs do are harmless. They don't understand, so they act like a bunch of arrogant jerks... as if they're somehow better people or something, but they definitely are not at all.

    It may be tough, but it's best for us to just shake our heads and roll our eyes at this crap.

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    I watched about half of one episode of that show, I just couldn't make it through. That show has a total lack of empathy for human life and just seem to poke fun at some pretty horrible ways of dying. That clip just further's the stereotype about AB/DL's, certainly portray's us in a pretty negative light. Also just have to love how they sexualized this one with the "breast feeding", that was a bit unnecessary.

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    This Pisses me the fuck off. I can't stand this show. Like people said they sit there and talk about Darwinism and other stuff but yet they sit there and are emotionless as sociopaths. Just another scenario of grouping us all as the same thing. That did make a mistake and the crib though one of the rules is the bars can't be to wide and almost every one noes this. I personally think that it was made up.

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    Yeah. That was disturbing on a variety of levels. Mostly how they basically poke fun at his death and more or less make it sound like he deserved it. But then, that's the reason I don't watch Spike. They are playing to what is probably a significant portion of their base audience, a bunch of young, testosterone drunk, macho, ignorant guys of the uncaring and idiotic variety that like to laugh at that kind of stuff. So although it's offensive and just terrible in general, that's what gets them views, poking fun at, in their opinion, silly ways to die in order to get shock and laughs from the ones who watch that channel most. They aren't specifically going after AB/DL, they probably just adapted something they heard from a talk show or similar media that they found ridiculous and thought of a unique way they could off them, per the show's theme. Although calling him a sick freak was sort of harsh, but again, playing to their audience.

    So really, I find this offensive on a general scale. I'm sure they do the same things with all of their other ways to die and I can't say that the AB portrayal would be any more offensive to me than the other ways they've probably concocted for poor individuals to meet their end so they can point and laugh at them. But yes, it was very offensive and I have no desire to see any other ways to die, thanks.

    Kinda makes me rethink catching the occasional late night Star Trek TNG they play on that channel sometimes, which is the only time I switch to that channel. Boo.

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