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Thread: Hiding forever.

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    Default Hiding forever.

    I'm not sure if this is for the diaper threads or Mature, but a rather serous question I wanna ask is. How many of you are still "in the closet" about being a TB,DL,AB? Do you think you will or can even think about telling anybody? I feel like I don't have it in me to tell the truth to anybody I know. The fear that builds up in me, waiting till 2-4am to come on here. Clearing my history every night. I'm normal a very keep to myself person about issues like this. I was a cutter for 3 years and only 4 people to this day still know ( something I have not been doing since high school ended) Most never knew of the rejections I have faced. I wanna die with this. I want nobody I know to ever know about it. People should be allowed to die with they're secrets right? I sure as hell know I'll never openly tell everybody I cut for 3 years! ( not offline that is. I'm more then willing to share my pain if it will stop others from doing so) I feel like this is a fucking cruse! How many of you are "in the closet" about this? Do you feel like you can ever open up? Should I even bee this paranoid about it? It's not like anybody is on to me.

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    I finally opened up to my wife (we'd been married about 8 months at the time), about a month after I openly admitted I'm ABDL to myself. She was very accepting. All it took for me was telling one person, and I felt the pressure was off. You don't have to tell it to the whole world, just one close friend is enough. It's a human compulsion to need to share ourselves, especially the parts we feel are important to us. After that, all I needed was a place like this to interact with others who have the shared interest, and some IRC, and I am able to comfortably enjoy this part of myself.

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    I have figured out a long time ago, that the only reason you should share the ab/dl label, is only if they really need to know! Your a person first, not a AB/DL, its just a label we use to define a set of interests we go by.

    I figured this out from the disabilities I have. It is not much different, when you tell a person what your label (disability) is, they automaticly judge you bassed on what there perceived stereotype of what those type of people are like. If you tell a person you are a "punk", they think of the punk stereotypes, and judge you, it happens with every sort of label.
    If people find you out, you dont need to tell them your a "ab/dl", you dont have to explain anything to them. It is totally how you think of yourself and how you handle it that will make the difference in how people think of you!
    If you are found out, have people judge you for who you are, not as a "ab/dl" or any stereotype that goes along with it.

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    I have told some family members. It went well, then it stopped going so well, and then it became a thing we just didn't talk about. They know I have diapers, but they don't really mention it. Unfortunately, I wonder if they think it's something sexual. It is slightly, but the sexual part of it is just secondary, plus I wish it wasn't sexual at all. It is more an emotional thing for me. I don't really like being an adult, so it lets me sorta pretend I am little to some extent. The sexual feelings ruin that slightly every once in a while.

    Anyway, I don't consider it a curse. I consider the close-mindedness of humanity to be a curse on all of society.

    Eventually, I hope to have an AB/DL friend or two in real life, maybe a roommate, or maybe someone special. Things don't usually go right for me, but I can have hope. Time will tell.
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    No one needs to know about my sexual fetish except for the people I have sex with (should I wish to include that particular kink in bed).

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    Till I was 36 I wanted to die my school years was hell .A friend that was a dl set me up by having some DPF rosters laying out for me to find at his house when I was staying there .
    That was when I found out there was others like me out there . My diapers are my safe place . Being little the world did not hurt so much when i'm under stress to my diapered space I go . I never cut my self or any thing like that . My mom knows and some friends know my GF knows and let me wear when ever I want to all the time . Some times i feel like a freak with the diaper thing It's a pert of me and I know that it will be with me the rest of my life . Yes i know the pain of life at your age I was there and hid my diapers from every one it saved my life gave me a way to cope with the hell I was in. I just take It one day at a time . Fox

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    I haven't ever told anyone, I never plan to, and I don't feel any need to. It is a private manner and it should stay that way - I don't see why my family or friends would ever even want to know what my choice underwear is.

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    Only here, among the fellow members of ADISC, am I ' out of the closet '. I suspect that some of my family, and a few very close friends know about my ' secret '. I have never told them, or anyone else, out-right, but I have not always been as careful as I should have been. I am fairly sure that they have connected-the-dots, and that they know that I am a sissy-baby.

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    Agreed as I do with most of you. I always knew I was not alone on this boat. I know that no body needs to know. I just hope this is not the kind of thing that seeps out 23 years later or something. I'm still not sure about myself in so many ways. I thought after high school I would know who the hell I am. I was ignorant. I still don't know who I really am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    No one needs to know about my sexual fetish except for the people I have sex with (should I wish to include that particular kink in bed).
    This. When I get married (or at least a few months before) I shall tell my wife about this side of me. Other than that I have no plans to tell anyone else.

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