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    Default Hi everyone

    Hey there everyone, I'm Dasch and I'm from Vancouver. I joined up becuase It would be great to chat with some fellow AB/DL/TB/anyotherlettercombos out there.

    I have night terrors (From and incident I saw which is way too heavy for an intro, but I am willing to talk about it) and whenever I have those I usually wet the bed. I was already into diapers before then but now I have an excuse to wear them now but in truth I wish it was a choice for me again.

    Other then that, I'm a pretty big geek. I'm and avid gamer, Love to read comics, and know way too much about Star Trek for my own good.

    Can't wait to talk with all of you guys here.


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    Hi Dasch, nice intro and welcome (from a fellow Canadian) to ADISC. If you like to chat check out the ADISC IRC, it's a good way to get to know the regulars in here.

    I'm kinda an amateur Trekkie. What is your favorite Star Trek series?

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    Trek kicks ass! Welcome to the site, I also hail from the Wet Coast

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    Thanks for the welcome guys, Valkyrie your avatar rocks btw.

    Koda: I would say my favorite series is TNG, it was one of the first shows I can remember watching. But I'd say my favorite character is Ben Sisko, you don't mess with The Sisko.

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC! Kudos for the introduction!

    What sort of games do you play? I'm not a big gamer I'm afraid, but if you check out the groups section there are plenty of gaming-related groups for you to check out and make friends through!

    Do you play or support any sports (teams)?

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