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Thread: coital headaches

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    Default coital headaches

    hi people, i am starting to have those headaches and its so dam painful!!what should i do??=(
    does anyone experience them before?

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    Whoa, this isn't really adult baby material.

    But truthfully, no idea, sexing is meant to reduce headaches so...

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    First, make sure you talk to a doctor if you havent already!!! You could have something like compression in your neck, or high blood pressure
    Do you exercise any? do you get headaches during exercise? Those type of headaches are usually triggered by a exercise response. Being out of shape/unfit, high blood pressure, they can all contribute to the issue.

    A key is to not get yourself worked up. Make sure to space everything out, leave plenty of time, like once a week between orgasm, so you can be ready with little effort! Concentrate on relaxing totally before, and stay TOTALLY relaxed when you start, relaxed the whole way threw and take plenty of time! After everything is done stay relaxed! The key is to not to trigger a response like your exercissing.

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    thanks for that piece of advice .=) ur really helpful

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