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Thread: Best Diapers to excercise in?

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    Default Best Diapers to excercise in?

    What are the most comfortable diapers to run 5 miles in? That are cheap and thin? I was thinking walmart pull-ups.

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    "wet or dry"? It's pretty well agreed on you don't want to do any running in a wet diaper of any sort.

    Without putting a great deal of thought into it, I'd start by saying (1) very little padding in between the legs, (2) cloth or cloth-type to try to keep perspiration under control (i.e. no plastic). I don't have experience with real cloth diapers, but I'm going to bet that's the best option - most flexible, easiest on the skin between the legs, handles perspiration (on hips) best. Or are you limiting the selection to disposables?

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    one other question... are you just wearing, or wetting?
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    Butterfly Mage


    Well... The Molicare Super is a very thin diaper with breathable sides. It's not the cheapest, but I've yet to find a diaper that thin that absorbs so much.

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    Well, here's what you DON'T want:
    1) anything Abena. Abena's a great diaper, don't get me wrong, but the crotch is rather wide, and that means extra bulk between your legs. Some people may disagree, but that's just my experience exercising in an M2 -- don't do it if you can avoid it.
    2) anything Tena. Tena's have an even wider crotch than Abena's.
    3) anything Attends. Attends are so loose, not to mention hot, noisy, and uncomfortable, plus the padding falls apart really quickly.

    I would recommend a Depends pullup (ere on the smaller side), or even a goodnite if you fit into one. These are both pretty tight fitting, thin, and have a narrow crotch. So long as you don't plan on flooding the thing, it should be sufficient for your purposes. Whatever you do, consider wearing a pair of tight fitting briefs (the big kid kind) over your diaper to keep it from sagging. And use lots of powder, especially on your inner thighs, to reduce chafing.

    Enjoy your run

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    unless you are incontinent, I wouldnt recommend running in a diaper, especially 5 miles! It will hurt like hell when you get 3 miles out and out of nowere you notice a intense fire on your thighs, from rubbing on the diaper. Those two miles getting back home might feel like torture!

    Now, if you are incontinent, if your only urinary incontinent, serious, you wont need any protection while out running, just athletic runners underwear and running shorts, and some extra water. With the proper clothing, urinary incontinence isnt a issue.
    Now, if your fecal incontinent, I would suggest a full liner with leak guards in your underwear. Get a liner that is a size to small (as to not stick out the top of your underwear) and make sure your underwear is tight. If you think there is a chance you might crap yourself, I would plan your run something like, maybe three laps staying close to your house, so you could clean up and then continue your run.

    Running in a full diaper just isnt going to work out to well for ya, and you will look like a dork with all the clothing needed to cover it, and wont be anywere near comftrable!

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    Once you get a blister from the rubbing it can hurt like hell just to walk a few steps. I wouldn't bother. I've tried and it's not nice.

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    Just run without diapers and pee in your pants en route. Doesn't really matter as you'll be sweating anyway and will return with a wet crotch from sweat, so it's not really any difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Just run without diapers and pee in your pants en route. Doesn't really matter as you'll be sweating anyway and will return with a wet crotch from sweat, so it's not really any difference.
    Peachy is right. My wife has incontinent "episodes" when running long distances and that's what she does. I am severely urge incontinent and that's usually what I do for any type of serious exercise. Most of the time I sweat so much that I don't wet that much anyway. I do wear Molicare Supers on a daily basis and they are very comfortable, but with strenuous exercise they will begin to rub your thighs as they become wet. Very uncomfortable. About the only thing that I could recommend is a Depend pull-up with some compression boxer briefs over it. I've run about three miles in that getup with no problems.

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