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Thread: Fursona dilemma.

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    Question Fursona dilemma.

    I've been thinking a lot about the whole fursona thing. I really love animals... especially the cute ones And that connection (along with the influence of the internet's furry population) is convincing enough to make me believe that I do have a fursona; I just don't know what I am!!! How the hell do you work something like that out?
    It seems like a strange request, but I wonder if anyone can help me figure it out... what kinda furry is a Dash?!?!?

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    well I'm a furry only in roleplays, but I just thought of the cutest animal I could think of which was a fox . It can be any animal you feel you are. And dash sounds sort of like a puppy or fox to me, but thats just my opinion it can be anything

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    At it's heart, your fursona is little more than a personalized Mary Sue which is yours to indulge in as much as you want. And since it is your Mary Sue it can be what ever you want it to be or what feels the most like you.

    That said, don't feel pressured you choose your 'animal' or whatever. It's NOT a prerequisite to participate in the fandom even if the way some use it may make you feel like you have to. If you don't feel like some particular animal, then don't have a fursona that you assembled so you could 'play the game' with the others. Afterall, that's all the furry fandom really is, a game of roleplay, fantasy and wishful thinking.

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    Well, fox's, wolf's, and puppies are most common, it seems, but you should pick your own...are you sweet and want hugs all the time? Then you're a puppy...

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    I didn't pick "random species" for my fursonas, I love all animals but I chose the ones closest to my heart - a husky/wolf and a horse. The latter might sound a bit strange, but horses are pretty gentle for a creature that weighs as much as a car. ;-)

    For those who can't figure out what fursona to stick with - don't. There is no rule anywhere that states you have to choose only one fursona. I've never been able to figure out what lies closer to my heart, but I have been in a rather long canine period. ;-)

    By the way - when I joined TBDL in Februrary last year, I didn't want to use my main nickname, and I was terrible at making one up so I chose Spirit - after the movie.

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    It doesn't really matter what your fursona is. Me, I choose based on a major link to my real life (swim team regular = otter) and the fact that I find mustelids extremely cute.

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    well dash make me think you might be either a chetah or a hedgehog
    but just keep in mind that like half the furry population is canines :P

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    Only one thing I can think of right now that hasn't been said...
    Don't pick based on what's popular or rare. Just pick what you like or feel describes you.... either way. If you like foxes, then pick a fox. If you like meerkats, then there you go. I'm no FBI profiler or anything, but based on your avatar, I'd say you like canines.

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    Just choose with ever animal you like and feel closest too. That's how I came up witha wolf. A canine, but also can be more rabbid. (has anger problems) But wolves are also very caring for each other. I just love dogs and so I figured that would work. However my second choice would have to have been a chinchilla, I love those little guys and they're so playful. I've owned a few so I really love them. I just decided that I would go with what I thought best described my personality. Just think about it. There is no pressure to get one, just take your time and think back over what you would like to be most if you really want a fursona. Good luck. =)

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