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    this is kind of new to me.
    i am 16 years old and atend my 5th year of highscool in the netherlands now.
    i play feeld fockye and i am the goolie of the team.
    besides that i like gaming and i have made some tanden jumps.
    my dad is the cameramen of his parachuting team and i edit the video's for him.
    also, i am dyslectic so you'll probebly find a lot of spelling error's in my posts.

    about haf a year ago i got into diapers and i was/am a little curius about it all
    this is also the reason i didn't post an introduction right away, i didn't know if i wanted to get in the community right away

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    Hey, welcome to the forums, wilddog

    What sort of gaming do you do? We have a lot of gamers on the forum (although I'm not one of them!) so look at the groups section for something relevant to you

    What is a parachuting team then? Is it just a bunch of people who all jump together, or do you make sexy formations in the sky or something?

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    i play a bunch of different games. shooters such as call uf duety mw2, real time strategy an in the command and conquer series and even farmville on facebook.

    and a parachuting team is indeed a bunch of peaple that jumt together and make formations but in this case, it is an professional parachuting team.
    my dad's team was representinh the netherlands ath the wourld tournament in russia this year.
    i don't do parachuting my self (yet) but i edit the video's of the jumps that my dad make.

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    as you might have guessed by now, i make a lot of spelling error's.
    this has 2 reasons: i am dyslectic and i wnt to type to fast.

    thought it would explain a bit

    " and i WANT to" my point proven in the verry same post...

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    Hey don't worry about it. Just try and slow down, you're not in a chat room so there's no need to type quickly!

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