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Thread: ArF... hehe hey there guys

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    Default ArF... hehe hey there guys

    Hey guys you can call me stunner.
    Here's a little about me I'm just your average huskerbutt (husky for those who didn't know what I was talking about) , yes that makes me a babyfur/cub. I joined here for support and making friends with the same interests. Other than padding and such I love gettin out and enjoying the little things like star gazing, having a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning and dancing around my living room. I'm a college student by day and a cub at night, well some nights. I love hanging out with my close friends, some of them know about the cub within, some don't I really only trust really open minded people with that little bit of knowledge. Feel free to say hi and get to know me a little better I don't bite I promise.

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    Hello and nice to meet you ^^)/

    Welcome to our little forumythingamajig and enjoy

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    Hey there, welcome to the forums! What are you studying?

    We're very similar! One of the first dates Charlie and I went on we went stargazing with a midnight picnic! And dancing is always fun! As is caffeine!!

    What other things are you into? Do you have any sports or hobbies?

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    nice to meet you too nanamew thanks for the welcome

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    Thanks for the welcome Talula, um currently I'm just getting my gen ed's taken care of so college algebra, philosophy (the art of argumentation), anthropology (understanding other cultures) and English. As far as what I'm interested in that's a good question, I plan on taking a more in-depth look into anthropology and philosophy possibly psychology (not too sure about the last one). Other interests of mine include being cutesy, Asian inspired foods, walks around town, Quentin Tarantino films and a whole bunch more.

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