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Thread: Underjams and good nites

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    Default Underjams and good nites

    I was wondering, do Under Jams and Good Nites ship discretely?

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    Uhm... go and buy them in a shop?

    Discrete as you can, that way

    I didn't even know you could buy them online, truthfully!

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    You can, but not directly from KC or P&G. It's all up to the vendor as to how they ship.

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    Do you know what vendors do?

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    You can get them at pretty much any drug store or decent sized grocery store in the diaper aisle. If you just want a sample sometimes you can order those off the product websites. From what I understand the Goodnites sample is shipped discretely and the Underjams is not. Unless you live out in the sticks and can't get to a store there is not good reason to pay shipping to order them online.

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    thanks for the advice

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