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Thread: iTunes is shit, alternatives?

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    Default iTunes is shit, alternatives?

    I'm sick of iTunes. It just finished nailing it's own coffin by deciding it was going to delete all the songs and videos off my itouch. So i've had enough.

    Any suggestions for free iTunes alternatives?

    I'm using a third generation iPod touch.

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    I use iTunes only because it does video podcasts better than the alternatives, last time I checked.

    The main alternatives, though, are Winamp and MediaMonkey.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have a subscription to eMusic. The fee is $14.99 for 35 tracks, so it works out to be half the price of iTunes. The music is in generic MP3 so they are usable in any audio player (unlike iTunes). You can redownload lost music three times (unlike iTunes).

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    The main problem with finding alternatives, I suspect, is that very few will support syncing with iPods. Winamp doesn't seem to, for a start.

    Clementine claims to be able to copy music to iPods (Classic, Shuffle and Touch/iPhone/iPad), under Windows (requires iTunes to be installed, but it doesn't actually use iTunes - just a library which it installs), Linux or Mac. (Disclaimer: I know one of the guys who created Clementine, but it seems like a good music player, all bias aside... It's based on a fork-and-Qt-port of the "good" version of Linux's Amarok, if you're familiar with that software)

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    I use floola. It's really awesome and is probably the best tool there is. Doesn't need itunes or anything installed (to be honest i never even had itunes on this computer and never will)

    It's got a great community and has plenty of protection to not ruin your library. (save points to revert to and a last ditch resort which rebuilds your library from the files). i mention this because with another itunes alternative i ruined my library and since then have been using floola. I even messed up my library once with floola (disconnecting ipod at the wrong time while it was writing) and it was really easy to fix.

    main Floola

    i'm sure you will love it

    You can put the .exe for floola inside your ipod and then just open your ipod through the hard drive mode to access it which means you never have to install anything on anyone's computer. you can add any song to your ipod and even take files from your ipod (which i don't think you can do in itunes).

    It's really cool so check it out.

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    Since Floola mentions hard drive mode, it sounds like it doesn't support the iPod touch or iPhone. Sadly, if that's what you need, at the end of the day, every program will leave the heavy work to iTunes.

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    Aww darn, didn't realise floola didn't work on the touch. sorry.

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    My advice is to ditch all iDevices. Anything that doesn't mount as a "USB Mass Storage Device" doesn't enter my home. OR, for that matter, anything that voids the warranty if you install software that the manufacturer hasn't approved of.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My iPod bit the dust and I am not going to replace it with another Apple product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    The music is in generic MP3 so they are usable in any audio player (unlike iTunes).
    Wrong. iTunes music is unencrypted AAC audio in an MP4 container, which sounds better than MP3 at the same bitrate, and can be played in any music player with AAC support.

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