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    Talking about favorite Disney movies, reminded me of the film they showed on CNBC last night about the story of Pixar. I missed the beginning but saw the part after they became a production studio for Disney. It was interesting to see their corporate culture (very laid back). As well as they talked about how they almost got shut down before Toy Story was ever released (and how the original version of it was much worse then the one that got released).

    According to IMDb it came out 2007, so someone else had to have seen it, and it might be hosted on sites somewhere. If you haven't it is really interesting to watch. I personally was amazed how almost every release they make ends up being a massive hit.

    The Pixar Story: A Leslie Iwerks Film

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    Yes, Pixar has been incredibly successful. I remember seeing a show about them maybe a couple of years ago. They are most impressive.

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    I would love to work for Pixar after college... It seems like it would be magical.
    I couldn't do animations, but clearly there are hundreds of other jobs... Just watch the extensive credits!

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